Dinner Menu   

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1st Course
Duck Spring Rolls $8.00
...Sweet chile dipping sauce & sesame seaweed salad
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail
Bruschetta - Fig & tomato chutney  $10.00
Corn Crusted Crab Cakes $13.00
...Cipotle lime aoili
Thai Shrimp
...Spice rubbed with steamed coconut milk

Pate Maison $9.00
...Mousse style blend of duck & goose liver

Beef Carpaccio $13.00

...Shaved parma reggiano, truffle oil & black pepper


Onion Soup Gratinee



Soup du Jour $7.00


 Caesar $8.00
...Romaine, garlic croutons, dusted with Romano cheese and filet of anchovies
Maison $8.00
 Seasonal preparation
Nicolina $10.00
...Mixed greens tossed with lemon herb vinaigrette, portebellas, goat cheese & roasted peppers  
Spring $8.00
...seasonal local blend with blasamic vinigrette 


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Lobster & Crab  Ravioli $25.00
..Egg and Squid ink pasta,.Laced with roma tomatoes in  sage & garlic butter
Penne Mitchell $30.00
...Spicy sausage, jumbo shrimp, tossed in tomato vodka blush sauce
Wild Musroom Ravioli
...Truffle cream, exotic mushrooms,parmesean & fontina

Classic Bolognese
...A blend of pork,beef & sausage &  tomato ragu

Paparadelle  Carbonara $20.00

...Crisp bacon, creamy egg yolks, parmesan, black pepper & nutmeg


 Chicken  Noisette
boneless breast in a savory hazelnut cream....

Chicken  Amalfi
...Spinach, roasted red pepper, fontina & sherry reduction  
  Wild  Salmon $27.00
...Tortilla crust, crisply seared, blood orange gastrique
Venitian Risotto... Lobster, scallops,shrimp $33.00
Stuffed Portabella Mushroom $22.00
...Spinach, roasted red peppers  &   fontina
Black Angus Filet Mignon $37.00
...Truffle Demi finished with exotic mushrooms  
Beef  Bourguignonne
...stew of  dry  aged Herefprd.
Sliced Tenderloin of Beef au Poivre
...Cognac glaze, studded with Madagascar peppercorn , demi reduction
Duck a l'orange $32.00
...Roasted duck breast  espresso rubbed, Grand Marnier glaze

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